8 things you didn't know about Jenna Hanchard

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Each weeknight, Jenna reports on 41 Action News at 10, telling you about stories like parents pushing to raise the grade requirements to play sports, a driver rescuing a kitten he’d seen thrown from a moving car and the one about families flocking to Colorado for medical marijuana for their sick children. She packed up reporter gear and drove to Colorado on her own for that last one.

That's the Jenna you know.

I wanted you to know a little more about the Jenna we know. So, I asked her a handful of questions so you'll feel like you know her just a little bit better when you see her on TV. Here are her answers:

1. You have 15 minutes of free time, what do you do?

Call my mother. I check in with her multiple times during the day. Sometimes we chat about absolutely nothing. But it’s always nice to hear her voice.

2. Books or Movies? And what’s your favorite?

Movies! My favorite movie is Love Jones. It a beautiful story about writer and a photographer who fall in love in my home town of Chicago. It’s one the best black love stories of all time.

3. What would we be most surprised to know about you?

I went to preschool in Brazil. I don’t like ice in my water or cold water. I am addicted to dried mangos. Ha! Very Random.

4. What is in your purse?

My work purse looks like a big junky reporter bag.  I carry two cell phones- work and personal. I usually have a random menu in my purse. I’m a big foodie and I love looking for new restaurants around Kansas City. I usually carry vitamins. I take fish oil and a variety of multivitamins from raw food. I carry bobby pins to pin curl my hair in the field (beats carrying around a curling iron!) My make-up: Ben Nye and Nars. Black tea is my coffee. I like Awake tea from Tazo. My beautiful red agenda book - I can’t go anywhere without it. I don’t put any appointments in my iPhone. I write everything down in my agenda book. If I don’t, I won’t remember it.

Jenna's purse

5. Favorite discovery about KC?

My neighborhood: the Westside. It’s the best side.

6. What made you smile today?

My grandmother. She has such a great sense of humor. I call her for a good laugh.

7. Describe your mom in 140 characters or less.

My mother taught me how to love. Her heart is so big. She knows how to give and love passionately. She has made great sacrifices to get me where I am today.

Jenna and her mother

8. Describe your perfect day off work.

Pilates. I would probably grab breakfast at Corner Restaurant or West Side Local. I would spend the next couple of hours looking at jewelry and Pickwick candles at the Webster House. I love people. I would spend the rest of the day catching up great friends.

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