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Grow your business through the most powerful media mix available – Broadcast TV and Digital.

At Scripps in Kansas City, our mission is simple – to grow your business and help achieve your marketing goals!  We employ a consultative approach to ensure we're recommending and executing strategic campaigns proven to deliver results, value, and return on investment to our clients.

People spend over 9 hours every day with broadcast TV, digital, and mobile.  Just think about your daily routine and how you consume your news, weather and entertainment.  Not only is TV and digital the most dominate mediums, but they are also the most powerful, influential, engaging, and efficient mediums to deliver your marketing message.  It only costs 1 cent…a penny to reach a potential customer!

We view our relationships with our clients as a true partnerships…only if you succeed do we succeed.  We're in the results business.  Stop "trial and error" marketing and find out how we can help your business grow by employing a strategic "3-Screen" approach!  For more information, complete the web form and/or click on the Scripps Media Kit link below.

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