Culinary Cornerstones cooks up exciting futures for its students

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Culinary Cornerstones is whipping-up a delightful recipe for success. It's a program that trains students for jobs in the culinary industry.

"The root causes of hunger are unemployment and under-employment," explained John Hornbeck, President and CEO of Culinary Cornerstones. "We take students who are homeless, jobless and have a desire to change their economic status and give them the training to get a job and improve their future."

Culinary Cornerstones is an outreach program with Episcopal Community Services, but it is a separate non-profit program with its own 501C3.

"Our students learn through real-world experience, because we cater events and students prepare the food and serve it," Hornbeck said. "The catering program gives students experience and helps to fund the program as well as provide wonderful meals for clients so its a win-win for everyone involved."

To call Culinary Cornerstones for catering services or job-training, call 816-474-6524, or visit .

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