First-time moms spill on everything they wish they knew before baby

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mother's Day is just around the corner and as part of our salute to Kansas City moms, Cynthia Newsome talked to women about becoming a first-time mother.

The biggest piece of advice they gave was read the books, watch the videos and take all the classes. They also stress trusting your instincts.

"There's not another person on the planet who knows your baby better than you, so just trust yourself and your instincts too," Lead Event Organizer Kristal Ronnebaum said.

Baby blues can also be a factor for first time moms.

Jill Gaikowski of Mothers and More emphasized how isolating motherhood can be, with all the feeding, naps and burping. Her organization connects mothers through a network of virtual and local communities.

"As a first-time mom, I think it can be isolating,” she said. “We're a mom's organization that not only focuses on the mom, but also the woman and the individual and I think that's really important as a first-time mom to find that community and support.”

Most importantly though, the moms agreed new moms should enjoy the moment and just love their little one. You can find more helpful information about being a first-time mother here.

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