Fundraiser to get DC-3 plane flying again

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The National Airline History Museum is trying to raise $100,000 to restore the DC-3 plane, built by crews in California in 1941.

Volunteers spent thousands of hours during the past 20 years working to restore it after the museum bought it from a Denver museum in 1993.

The DC-3 is hoped to be operating by this summer.

“So that a lot of these former TWA retirees that have put so much work into this,” John Roper said, vice president of operations at the museum. “We really want to give them an opportunity to fly in this thing before it becomes too late.”

The plane flew for 11 years before being taken out of service.

While much of the work is done, repairs include finishing the overhaul of the second engine and installing the new interior. Once it’s completed, it could be used to give tours over the Plaza or become part of youth programs.

Out of the $100,000 needed for repairs, so far it’s raised more than $1,700. To donate, visit Kickstarter .

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