Lisa Covington shares her inspiring story of battling breast cancer for more than a decade

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Lisa Covington has a bright smile and a loving, energetic personality. You would never guess that she is in the fight for her life. 

After 10 years of battling breast cancer, she is thanking the Komen Foundation for helping to keep her alive. She shared her inspiring story Wednesday on 41 Action News Midday with Cynthia Newsome.

"I've learned to take things one minute at time," Covington said with a smile.

Lisa was diagnosed in 2001 -- at age 31 -- with Stage 2 ductal carcinoma. The disease metastasized to the lung and bone in 2003. During a hysterectomy in 2006, doctors discovered it had spread to the ovaries and again in 2007 to the liver. Lisa has been in remission for two years.

She explained that the money raised during Komen for the Cure face has funded hospitals and facilities that have provided her medical care.

"I am here because people support the race with their money and their time and I am grateful," Covington said. 

As Komen celebrates 20 years of having the Race for the Cure in Kansas City, Covington is one of the 20 women being honored this year.   

Our own Cynthia Newsome is also a breast cancer survivor and is in the group of 20 women being honored by Komen this year.

41 Action News is a sponsor of this year's Komen for the Cure race on August 11 at Union Station in Kansas City, Mo. Cynthia is a 2-year survivor and hopes enough people will join her team to raise $2,000.

To join, Team Cynthia Newsome visit, .

"I want to make something good come from that challenging time in my life," Newsome said. "I support Komen because the money raises awareness, helps provide treatment and funds research to make breast cancer a thing of the past one day."

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