Local crash lawyer emphasizes consequences of distracted driving

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city got a painful reminder this week about the dangers of distracted driving. It's a story Kansas City crash lawyers hear far too often.

Tamiqua Kendricks, a 25-year-old young mother, was driving along I-35 near 167th street in Johnson County, Kan., when she lost control of her car and rolled off the highway. Troopers say Kendricks was using her phone and was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Luckily, her young son was with his grandfather.

Kansas City crash lawyer Doug Horn believes distracted driving is becoming a particular specialty for lawyers to practice. He takes cases very seriously, because many of them have sobering details.

"Some of us feel that texting while driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. I don't think the legal system is quite there yet, but I'm handling these cases as I would a drunk driving case, with very serious, societal consequences," Horn said.

Horn is an advocate to prevent distracted driving. He started "Drive By Example," a community service organization dedicated to advancing driver safety through initiatives that address America's most important roadway safety priorities, including distracted driving prevention and teen driver protection.

"Drive By Example" works with schools, business firms, community groups and others to develop and implement effective driving safety programs.

For more information, head to: driver-safety.hornlaw.com.

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