Missing persons expert weighs in on cases

Kansas City, Mo - Two high-profile missing persons cases are making headlines in Kansas City, and both are situations Lt. Kelli Bailiff knows all too well.

Bailiff serves as Public Information Officer for the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Dept. Last year, she was named law enforcement officer of the year by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Cases involving missing children or adults is something Bailiff champions. She has followed the individual cases of missing Liberty runner Chad Rogers and missing 72-year-old Hellen Cook.

"Well, it's very difficult. One has a medical issue, one has an unknown issue of what particularly happened. I'm just really happy that the community is pouring out all their resources and that they're so interested in helping to find these two people," said Bailiff.

Bailiff considers those cases rare because they have so much media attention.

Nationally, 2,300 people go missing everyday. Approximately, 2,185 of those are children, and many more cases are unreported for a variety of reasons.

When asked how to prevent abductions, Bailiff believes getting rid of distractions is key. She warns predators prey on people who look distracted.

"If you happen to go out or if you are running or going on an activity, I know people love listening to music, but unfortunately, I think people could prey on some people who might be easily distracted, so if you're going to go out running or walking and wear those iPods in your ears, take one out and be aware of your surroundings," said Bailiff.

If you have information on a missing persons case, call 816-474-TIPS.

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