RECALL: tainted beef recall expands to 36 states

The USDA now believes recalled beef is more widespread than first suspected.

The federal agency believes the tainted beef came from a California-based meat producer and may have reached 36 states, including Missouri and Kansas.

Thousands of additional retailers, including large grocery chains, received the beef products from Rancho Feeding Corporation. 

The company recalled nearly 9 million pounds of meat just a few weeks ago. The beef may have come from diseased cattle.

You can check the list of retailers affected by the retail here:  -- The document will open a list of major grocery stores on page 2, as well as other retailers who may be affected. Kansas' listing begins on page 106 of the document, while Missouri retailers begin on page 127.

Click here to find out the types of beef products being recalled:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The original image associated with this story showed ground beef. Ground beef is NOT included in the recall, according to the USDA. The recall includes various other products, including beef cheeks, blood, liver, tripe, etc. We apologize for any confusion caused by the image choice.

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