Single mom becomes foster mom to medically-fragile children

Kansas City, Mo - As we continue our salute to Mothers, we want to recognize an untraditional mother, who loves children in a traditional way.

Kari Sargent is a single foster mother with a heart of gold.

Sargent works in nursing at Children's Mercy Hospital PICU. She cares for medically fragile children, and her work eventually inspired her to become a foster mom. Sargent and a live-in nanny took the training courses, and now they care for 2 foster children. Sargent is also mom to 3 biological children. Over time, she has taken in 11 children.

"Every single one of them takes up a place in your heart, whether they stay with you for a while or your time is short," said Sargent.

Of course, being a foster parent is not easy. It takes time and skill. The toughest part for Sargent is saying goodbye.

"The hardest part is when it's time for them to go home. That makes it the most difficult. You love them as if they were your own, while they're in your care. And then it's either time for them go back to their biological parents, or adoptive home," said Sargent.

Sargent encourages others to foster children.

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