Church kids learn from "Gary Sheepzak" and his weather sheep

LEAWOOD, Kan. - Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak may not be the only weather man with some four-legged sidekicks. Kids attending Church of the Resurrections Vacation Bible Camp are learning from Gary Sheepzak.

Billed as Bethlehem’s weather leader, Gary Sheepzak, and his sidekicks Thunder and Lightning, start each day off the weather reports for Bethlehem, Kansas City and Jamaica.

The “new data” also includes "tracking" the money the kids raise for mission projects in Kansas City and Jamaica.

In Jamaica, the kids are supporting a sheep farm, according to COR volunteer David Vaupel, aka Gary Sheepzak:

“We're hoping that the sheep farm will provide jobs for youth that can't get jobs out of school,” he explained. “And also it will provide hands on learning experience on how to be farmers and how to tend to sheep and other animals.”

COR is also collecting coats and winter gear for kids in Kansas City. So far, they’ve raised $1,700.

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