Giving of time, talent and treasure to make Kansas City a better place

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - It's often said that Kansas City is one of the most generous cities in the country. Bill Brandmeyer knows that to be true. Now, he's made it his mission to inform others.

Brandmeyer is a native who grew up in a large Johnson County family and is now raising his own children in the area he loves. In a humble way, he admits he and his family have been blessed and they want to share those blessings with others.

"I always think about your time, your talent and your treasure," Brandmeyer explains. "Sharing those three things, not just your treasure. You can give money, give money, give money, but a lot of people don't realize that sometimes it's just your time or your creative gift. What did God bless you with that you can bring to the table?"

With the encouragement of his wife, Brandmeyer started a weekly radio show on 1510 AM. KC Cares is billed as a program by, for and about the Kansas City non-profit community. Each Monday from 3-4 p.m., Brandmeyer and his co-host/executive producer Rick Mundy feature area non-profits organizations with big missions, but often smaller budgets or limited exposure.

"We try to get at the passion, the people who are doing the work and their passion and what their story is," Brandmeyer said. "Why they chose to give their lives over to the cause that they've chosen."

The take away is encouraging listeners to get involved and find their own causes to support. It is a lesson Brandmeyer said he learned from his parents and the family's background in health care. The Brandmeyer family supported bringing a National Cancer Institute to KU Med Center. Other causes include the performing arts, children and literacy.

Dubbed the "opportunity investigator," Bill will often scout out projects and causes for the family to review. Not all are non-profit. Two years ago he ran with the idea of bringing a music festival to the Kansas Speedway.  Kanrocksas returns next June 28 and 29 for its second run. Tickets are already on sale .

"I'm just excited to bring it back to Kansas City," Brandmeyer said. "It's one of those things that I think makes Kansas City a better place to live - to have a world class music festival."

Whether it is music, health care or something in between, Bill Brandmeyer encourages others to give something back and make a difference.

"Kansas City makes things a little easier because we are a community of people who care."

For more information on KC Cares, visit the program's website at

For more information on Kanrocksas, visit

A limited number of early bird tickets are on sale right now - which include a substantial savings and free camping.

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