Parkville-based Global Orphan Project CEO Joe Knittig changes lives, including his own

PARKVILLE, Mo. - The CEO of Parkville-based Go Project said he has an offer to anyone looking for a more fulfilling life.

Joe Knittig said a trip to Haiti changed his life, and he said it can change anyone else's if they are looking for it.

Knittig was an attorney, but an experience with several children in Port-Au-Prince after the 2010 earthquake made him give up his job. He was on a trip with the Global Orphan Project to help provide education, housing and love to children who have no family.

Knittig said he thought he was going there to help the children, but unknowingly, they helped him into a surprising new life that gave him satisfaction he'd never known previously.

"They got down deep in my heart, and I could not forget them," he said. "I couldn't shake them."

In 2008, Knittig left his law firm and is now the CEO of the Global Orphan Project -- a worldwide organization that has helped almost 20,000 children in 20 countries.

Knittig now spends his time watching people have an experience of a lifetime by helping others.

"You watch this life collision occur and how two people walk away from that changed," he said.

Next month, the Go Project will begin rebuilding abandoned homes for Kansas City's 770 children with no permanent homes.

To find out more about the Go Project and what it is doing locally log onto: .

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