Reverend Robert Lee Hill talks about his church and his hope for the Kansas City community

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Reverend Robert Lee Hill lives by a personal credo;

"Jesus gives is a way of life – resplendent with possibilities for faith and hope and love, forgiveness and fulfillment, growth and grace, healing and wholeness, justice and joy, mercy and meaning, power and peace – and then he bids us to give it away to others."

His efforts to live that way have been recognized throughout the Kansas City area.

Hill is known as a community consensus builder among races and religions.

His awards include national and local recognition.

Dr. Hill believes the state of Kansas City schools is the biggest challenge to face the area today, including school systems that were once considered prosperous but are now struggling financially in the suburbs.

One of his many dreams for Kansas City is "to understand that racial divisiveness is not only against the will of God, but not in our best interest to maintain it."

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