Meet our 10 p.m. producer Sean Hirshberg

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Each weeknight, you see 41 Action News at 10 and those of us in front of the camera on your television, but our work family also has a whole lot of people behind the camera who are critical. One of those people is our 10 p.m. producer, Sean Hirshberg. He has a calm nature and a gut for news. He’s thorough and smart. He’s a diehard Mizzou grad and fan and voices his opinions and appropriate jabs with a quiet, accurate stealth - especially with the Jayhawks in the building. He represents, friends!

I wanted you to know a little more about the Sean we know so when you watch 41 Action News, you’ll feel like you know us all a little bit better.
Here are the questions I posed to Sean and his answers:

1. You have 15 minutes of free time, what do you do?
When I have 15 minutes of free time – I like to spend time outside. Either go for a walk or just sit outside on my patio. Unfortunately, I rarely have 15 minutes with nothing to do.

2. Books or Movies? And what’s your favorite?

I like movies better than books. I think there is more excitement in watching a movie than reading a book. My favorite movie is “The Dark Knight.”

3. What would we be most surprised to know about you?

I am actually a twin. My sister also went to Mizzou and she lives in Atlanta. If you ask anyone, they will definitely tell you I am the better half.

4. What is in the trunk of your car?

I always have my golf clubs and golf shoes in my trunk. Always want to be ready to head to the course.

5. Favorite discovery about KC?

I have lived in Kansas City for just more than a year now and my favorite discovery has been the amount of great and unique restaurants. Growing up in a small Illinois town, then graduating high school in Sedalia, Mo., I didn’t grow up with much variety, so now I like to try a new place at least once a week.

6. What made you smile today?

Coming to work. I really love my job and the people I work with. The only problem….some of them are kU fans.

7. Describe your mom in 140 characters or less.

My mother is a very kind hearted, selfless person. She will literally do anything for me and my brother and sister before she even thinks about herself.

8. Describe your perfect day off work.

Before moving to the 10 p.m. show on weekdays, I produced our weekend shows. Last December I had close to the perfect day off. I went to Atlanta for the SEC Championship to watch my beloved Tigers. The only thing that went wrong…we lost. But going to the game and getting to be on the sidelines at the Georgia Dome was an incredible experience.

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