Keith King - Call For Action Reporter

Keith is an award winning investigative reporter with the 41 Action News Call For Action unit. Since becoming a member of the 41 Action News team in 1996, Keith has received two Emmy awards and two KAB awards for his reporting and investigations.  Keith has a great deal of respect for his job and profession, adding "My goal for each investigation is to correct problems or provide a voice to those who are often overlooked by the system."

Keith is the youngest of six kids who grew up on a farm in central Illinois.  After graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a Communications degree, Keith started his career in Terre Haute, IN.  He made several moves early in his career including Cedar Rapids, IA and Charleston, SC. before moving to Kansas City. 

Outside of work, Keith sits on the board of Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association which offers support to area foster children and parents.  Keith also admits to being a "sucker" when it comes to helping stray dogs.  He enjoys helping out different animal charities and rescue groups around the metro.

You can send Keith an e-mail at You can follow Keith on Twitter at @KeithKingnKC or at @CallForActionKC .