2nd night of The Voice blind auditions brings dynamic duo and music student to Team Adam

The Voice once again saved its best for last in Tuesday night's episode of blind auditions. So if you're interested in finding more about each team, keep reading. If you just want to see who landed another possible winner, head to the last page.

Tuesday night opened with Nashville native Tawnya Reynolds singing "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys."

Reynolds' twangy country voice attracted an unusual mix of judges vying for her. Adam, Shakira and Usher all turned their chairs. Blake was surprisingly absent.

In fact, Usher wanted the country crooner bad enough to make a deal with Blake to help get Reynolds on Team Usher.

Shakira broke out an "English to Country" dictionary and told Reynolds she would be much obliged if Reynolds would join her team. She won Reynolds' heart, and the artist, currently playing gigs for tips, joined Team Shakira.

Runway model Josiah Hawley won over the judges singing "Sunday Morning." As Adam noted, it's pretty gutsy to sing one of the judge's songs on the show (and even gutsier to perform the song of a spouse: http://youtu.be/Z_CN8KUm_HA).

Blake, Usher and Adam all turned for the runway model. Blake recognized that Josiah had real talent – in both his voice and hair.

But in the end, Usher lured the pretty boy artist to his team.

See Josiah Hawley perform "Sunday Morning"

On the next page: can a duo win The Voice? The next pair sure hopes to.

Duo Midas Whale came to the show from Idaho. The folk pair played "Folsom Prison Blues," and it wasn't long before Usher recognized the dynamic performance and turned his chair.

Blake and Adam weren't far behind, and Shakira got in just before the pair's performance was done.
With one artist playing guitar and one playing accordion, the duo had a unique performance we haven't seen before on The Voice.

And while Adam didn't appear to fight too hard to get the pair; in the end, they said he made a compelling case and chose to be part of Team Adam. They would be one of three artists selecting Adam during the 2nd night of auditions.

The pair boldly said before the performance they wanted to be the first duo to ever win the voice. I'm not sure the typical Voice voter is ready for their unique style, but they obviously have talent.

See Midas Whale's audition:

Abraham McDonald may be the best thing the judges never had. Something about the performance of "Best Thing I Never Had" felt forced, from the key of the song to the constant falsetto voice.

McDonald proved the wrong song can make the difference between a Voice winner and loser. He was sent home with compliments of a solid voice, but no team.

On the next page: will singing in Spanish pay off for a teen from the Bronx?

Cathia sang "No Me Doy Por Vencido" for her blind audition.

Singing in Spanish was a risky move that paid off. Shakira, Usher and Blake turned around.

While McDonald proved the wrong song can make or break a contestant, Cathia proved a good voice is a good voice. She's not the greatest performer, and seemed incredibly star struck by Usher and Shakira, but her charismatic voice attracted the judges.

It was clear from the beginning, though, the Bronx native belonged to Team Shakira.

The final performance of the night belonged to Sarah Simmons. She attends a music school near Memphis.

All you need to know is this: Adam's team is going to beat up on one another vocally.

The powerful vocalist performed "What If God Was One of Us," and wowed all four judges – and the audience in the theater. And Adam hopes she wowed the audience at home enough to vote for her when the time comes for live shows.

Watch Sarah Simmons perform "One of Us"

With the new rules of The Voice, I could see a scenario where Adam had the last two contestants standing – and maybe the last three.

Still plenty of live auditioning left. Next week, I'm going to join the judges in the blind fashion of the show, and only allow myself to see an artist once a judge has turned around.

It should make this recap interesting, to hear only what the judges are hearing. I may even mute the back stories to keep from clouding my judgment.

Team Blake added no one tonight.

Team Shakira gained Tawnya Reynolds and Cathia.

Team Usher increased his team to three with Josiah Hawley.

Team Adam picked up Midas Whale and Sarah Simmons.

What do you think? Did we hear a Voice winner tonight? Sound off in the comments!

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