Caught On Cam: runaway carriage



WSAV has obtained a copy of the surveillance video from downtown Savannah that shows a spooked horse running through the scripts.

WSAV also has a copy of the traffic heard on the police scanner during the incident.


A carriage horse takes off through downtown Savannah plowing into parked cars and scaring pedestrians.

The horse took off from the west side of Ellis Square, running down Congress Street, still pulling the carriage.

Then it crossed Whitaker street and not stopping until an alley off Bull street.

"I think I just froze for a second," said eyewitness Sara Niez.

"I guess they stood there like I did, with their mouths open like I did, saying this is surreal," explained Aaron Senne, another eyewitness.

A surreal scene in downtown Savannah. Ending with a horse in an alley, its driver at a local hospital.

The horse apparently got "spooked" by something and started running. Its driver and five passengers along for the wild ride, and a crowd of folks who got to see it all happen.

{Nicole miller}
"All of a sudden the horse and carriage trucking by us," explained Nicole Miller, who was eating at Wild Wings café with her husband Charles when the horse sprinted by. "It takes the turn and we hear a crash."

"I heard the horse coming down and said it sounds like its going awfully fast for in the city, or for a tour," thought Aaron Senne, who was walking Downtown. "I turned around, could see the horse galloping. Hit with its full chest on the side of the Nissan."

"We saw the carriage and the horse hit this car," said Sara Niez, another eyewitness. "And then the horse flipped back over and the lady driving flipped out on the street, the horse almost ran her over."

Several cars showed the effects of this race around town. The horse kept going for another few blocks before stopping quietly in an alley.

When it was all finished the entire scene became a tourist event in itself and changed the plans for the Miller's honeymoon ride.

"We were thinking of going on one of those rides. Not now. (laughs)," said Charles Miller.

The driver of the carriage was taken to a local hospital with what appeared to be broken ankles.

The five passengers, including three children, did have to jump from the carriage but they suffered only scrapes and bruises.

The horse escaped unhurt.

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police's Major Accident Investigation Team is still looking into the crash.



Savannah Chatham Metro Police say a buggy driver was treated for injuries and five passengers escaped serious injury when the horse pulling the carriage was startled, crashing the carriage into 5 vehicles in downtown Savannah Monday afternoon.

SCMPD says 37-year-old Ashley Bignault was taken to Memorial University Medical Center after the incident which began at Bryan and Barnard Streets at Ellis Square, and spread over 6 blocks.

Police say the tour carriage, operated by Historic Savannah Carriage, was carrying a 42-year-old woman and children age 12, 10 and 7 as well as a 67-year-old woman from Sleepy Hollow, NY. The elder woman was treated at a nearby urgent care center and released.

Officers from the Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department say that the carriage was approaching the tour terminus at Bryan and Barnard streets when the horse began running. A bridle became dislodged, making it difficult to control the horse.

The horse ran to the south side of Ellis Square and continued east on Congress Street with the carriage striking five vehicles before the driver was ejected. The horse reversed course to Whitaker Street and eventually turned down Congress Lane where employees of a restaurant caught it near Bull Street and calmed it with carrots. No injury to the horse was reported.

MAIT officers continue to investigate.


WSAV has learned that a horse carriage was involved in an accident in downtown Savannah on

Monday. The carriage belongs to the Historic Savannah Carriage Tours company.

A viewer tells News 3 that the horse went 'berserk' after the accident. We have learned that driver suffered some broken bones, it is believed several passengers were also injured. The horse appears to be okay. 

Savannah Police have closed several roads in the area of Bull and Congress.

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