Leading the way

By: Scott Adkins

(WAVE) LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Under the stars and stripes and clear skies, two runners would rather not stick out in the crowd. Mixed in the field of half marathon runners are Dave Wilkinson and Larry Pitt who have formed a special bond.

"I just moved here and was lucky enough to meet up with Larry who was willing to run it with me," said Wilkinson.

The lean athlete pairs up with Pitt who is 75 and just completed his 158th marathon, but admits Wilkinson gives him a run for his money. "I know I've really got to get it in gear to stay up with him."

Wilkinson would much rather shed the visually impaired vest. His passion is competitive snow skiing, but he had to give that up year round when he moved to Louisville from Colorado.

"Cross country skiing wasn't really a viable sport anymore so I used to run during the off season so the off season just became all the time," said Wilkinson.

In the field of runners, you'll find Dave leading Larry on their journey. "If it wasn't for Larry, I'd be a roaming missile, endangering everyone," claims Wilkinson.

"Dave has given me a new incentive," added Pitt. "He literally pulls me."

These running buddies definitely keep each other on track.

"If other people choose me and Larry as an inspiration, I hope it's just to get off the couch and get out there and do something."

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