Not my job!

By: Nick Kenney

(WMC-TV) - Photos reveal City of Memphis workers who appeared to be too lazy to move brush before painting lines on the street. Some people call it a waste of tax dollars.

Crumpler Road near Valley Oak Drive was just re-striped. Most of the job is done right on the asphalt, but some dead leaves and old yard debris got a new paint job, too.

"They need to send somebody out to move the leaves. Re-paint it," said Memphian Fred Roy.

Commuters and neighbors alike emailed the Action News 5 newsroom with photos of the paint job.

Comments on Facebook included "I pay taxes and this is an absolute misuse of taxpayer dollars" and "I know there are some good workers, but as a whole it is pitiful the apathy and lazy attitudes in the Memphis city organizations."

The Investigators made some calls. City officials say the engineering division is looking into the problem and a solution. It is only six or eight feet that need to be fixed.

We still waiting to hear back from city crews about an exact plan of action.

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