Playing with the boys

(WFLA)  After three years of playing high school volleyball, senior Samantha Schlesman is once again trying out for the squad. But this year, tryouts are a bit different. Schlesman and the rest of the girls volleyball team will compete against three boys, to make the squad.

"They are trying to make a statement. They want a boys team. I understand what they are trying to do. They are hilarious. I love playing with them and I think it's a good thing," said Schlesman.

Trevor Kennan, Tony Tonova, and Garrett Peterson all showed up at Florida's Seminole High School this week to try out for the girls volleyball team.

"There's no guys team. They don't make that in Pinellas county for boys and so we are trying to get to play here and try to start boys volleyball," said Trevor Kennan.

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