Shark attacks kite surfer

by: Jamel Lanee

(WPTV) DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - It was a normal Saturday day at the beach for kite surfer Kurt Hoffman when, all of a sudden, he says his arm felt like it got caught in a bear trap.

“Started to go down the face of the wave and wham," said Hoffman.

A shark bit down on his arm as he was dragging it in the water.

Hoffman said, "You can see the teeth marks and around, it's about 7 inches wide, the width of the mouth and it's pretty intense cause it kind of shocks your system at the moment when it hits."

Hoffman called his wife, Diane, to take him to the emergency room.

Doctors left the wounds open to seep because of the bacteria sharks carry in their mouths.

Lucky for him, the shark bit and let go, causing more than a dozen puncture wounds. He said it could have been worse.

The shark didn't tear any tendons or ligaments.

The attack won't stop Hoffman from going back in the ocean; he said he'll just be more cautious.

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