B-B-B- Barbecue boyeee!

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -  A Missouri man loves Kansas City barbecue so much, he wrote a song about it.

Some of the song's lyrics go like this:

"Let's go to Kansas City, get the world's best barbecue. Time to eat, let's get some meat, perhaps a carb or two. You might get a little heavier, go one size up in pants, but you'll be a whole lot happier, so get on up and dance..."

Joshua Kennedy and his friends rap about their love of Kansas City barbecue. Kennedy lives in Springfield, Mo., so we Skyped with him earlier Monday.

He told us he and a friend came up with the idea for the song a couple of years ago, during a road trip to Kansas City for a Royals game. The duo worked on it some more and last month, they came up to Kansas City to film the video.

"It took two days. We spent pretty much all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday," he said.  "We tried to go to pretty much every recognizable spot in Kansas City that we could think of and we had barbecue four times in 28 hours".

You'd think he'd be a little barbecued out after that, but he said not at all. Kennedy told us Oklahoma Joe's is one of his favorites, but he says the weekend he shot the video, all of the big barbecue names in town impressed him.

"I really like the ribs at Aurthur Bryant's and at LC's, (where) we went to as well. And then at Jack Stack, the Lamb Ribs are great," Kennedy added.

He is a school teacher in Springfield and has been writing songs since he was a teenager. However, he's only begun recording his music within the past couple of years.

Watch his video below:


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