'Horrific' sales prompted promoter to scrap Lydon's Jesus Christ Superstar tour

The promoter behind JOHN LYDON and BRANDON BOYD's all-star JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR musical scrapped the tour two weeks before opening night due to "horrific" ticket sales.

The spectacular, which was also set to feature former Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams and J.C. Chasez, was canceled last month (May14) after tour producer Michael Cohl realized it would be a disaster.

Opening up about his decision for the first time, he tells Billboard.com, "We realized we had a problem the day we went on sale.

"We all worked very hard reinventing things, rethinking things, fighting the good fight, and it just got to the point... We had to make the right business decision... We've questioned a thousand things - if we had gone with one or two lead superstars, if we had gone with a cheaper ticket price. We knew that this was a very risky project... (but) we thought we had a shot."

Lydon and company were in rehearsals for the 54-city arena tour when they heard the news, and the former Sex Pistols star has since spoken of his disappointment.

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