Sharon Jones celebrated New Year hours after final chemo treatment

Soul singer SHARON JONES rang in 2014 in style by singing ARETHA FRANKLIN's RESPECT at a gala just hours after her final chemo treatment.

The leader of The Dap Kings spent much of 2103 battling cancer and she had her last chemo treatment in New York on New Year's Eve (31Dec13).

She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I didn't really want to celebrate because I was still weak... They had a gala for New Year's Eve. I wasn't gonna attend because my immune system was weak. I didn't want to be around a bunch of people and catch a cold. But then at the last minute, I changed my mind.

"I went ahead and gave my $200 for a ticket, and I had a ball. I had so much fun, man. I got to dance.

"A DJ came into the room and starting playing Aretha Franklin's Respect. I grabbed the microphone and started singing. You can't play no Respect and not let me sing. It was amazing, even though half the people there didn't even know who I was."

And Jones admits it's a relief to get her voice back: "On the 10th of June I had the Whipple procedure. They had to remove my gall bladder, the head of my pancreas and they took out a foot and a half of my small intestine. Then they built me another bile duct and connected it to my stomach.

"They had to cut me right across my diaphragm, all the way down to my naval. That was hard. I didn't do any sort of singing until October. I sang In the garden for my pastor and my voice came back slowly after that."

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