Commentary: Been to the movies lately? Yeah, me neither

Why this summer has been a complete disappointment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - This summer has been one of the absolute worst times to see a movie.

Remember when Harry Potter, Batman and Pixar ruled the summer box-office? Believe it or not, it wasn't that long ago, but it seems like forever.

The quality of summer movies has plummeted, and it doesn't seem like it will get any better.

More movie companies are holding out for Oscar season. And audiences are left wondering, “What happened to my summer movies?”

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" kicked off the summer season this year on May 2. Every week in May, there was a good blockbuster in the theaters: May 9 - "Neighbors," May 16 - "Godzilla," May 23 - "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

Then came June, July and August... all duds.

Now there were a few summer hits, like "The Fault in Our Stars," "22 Jump Street" and "Guardians of the Galaxy.”

But to my point, over the course of three months there was an average of one good movie in theaters. That's it; one movie worth seeing for the entire month.

August was the worst of all.

If it wasn't for the out-of-this-world smash hit "Guardians of the Galaxy," there would be nothing at all to see.

The sci-fi action flick is the highest grossing movie of the year, on track to make $300 million. So that's good news.

However, the summer box office was a complete letdown. It was really an embarrassment to movie-goers around the world.

The summer box office is defined as the first Friday in May through Labor Day weekend.

According to Box Office Mojo in 2013, the summer box-office totaled $4.8 billion. This year, just $3.8 billion.

Less people are going to the movies during the summer than ever before. It's probably because there are no more original ideas anymore, such as "Transformers" and "Ninja Turtles".

But it's not just the movie studios that are ruining our summer; it's also the theaters.

Not even the hypnotizing smell of that fresh, $10 buttery popcorn could draw me into this distasteful summer box-office.

I try not to put too much blame on the theaters for the over-priced concessions. That's the only way they make money. Movie theaters reportedly make 85 percent of their profit off concessions, popcorn being their breadwinner.

If you combine the expensive goodies with an expensive ticket, you have an expensive outing. And you want this outing to be worth it, don't you?

A family of four can't even go to a movie anymore because the price is just too ridiculous.

Why not stay at home?

There are plenty of movies to choose from on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Redbox.

Get this: one month of Netflix is cheaper than one weekend movie ticket for one person. It's outrageous!

My advice: save your money and get Netflix.

Or wait another couple months, and there will be plenty of great films to choose from. With Oscar season around the corner, you will be shocked at how many great films will be released in theaters.

To name a few: Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar,"  David Fincher's "Gone Girl," Bennett Miller's  "Foxcatcher," Ridley Scott's "Exodus: Gods and Kings" and Jason Reitman's "Men, Women & Children.”

So there will be light at the end of the tunnel; the quality of films will improve. I promise you that.

But in a world where movies are getting more expensive, and also getting worse, we might just be the ones who skip out on summer movies entirely.

The summer movie season could be dead before we know it.

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