Commentary: 'True Detective' will outsmart 'Breaking Bad' at the Emmy Awards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Outstanding drama series will be the most talked about race at the 2014 Emmy Awards.

Six shows are nominated, but it's really down to a two-show race: Breaking Bad vs. True Detective.

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television shows ever made. There's no arguing that.

Bryan Cranston is simply superb. And he's been rewarded for his remarkable performance as Walter White with three back-to-back Emmy wins (2008-2010).

Last year, the show finally scored the Emmy for outstanding drama series beating out Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Homeland, House of Cards, and Mad Men. The Emmy was well-deserved. Out of all those shows Breaking Bad takes the cake.

But in 2014, a new television show came along and changed the game.

Nic Pizzolatto's True Detective is equally twisted as it is fascinating. The eight-episode drama immediately sucks viewers into a dark world of lies, deception, and utter fear, deep in the bayous of Louisiana.

Adam Arkapa's cinematography is simply beautiful. Take a look at the drug heist scene in episode four .

The point I'm trying to make is that it's time to give the thrown to someone else... someone who deserves it.

Emmy voters might be inclined to vote yes for Breaking Bad and Cranston. However, when True Detective aired on HBO January 12, 2014, Breaking Bad was no longer the best show on TV.

True Detective is a better show with a better cast. Yes, I said it.

Look at it this way... Cranston already has three Emmys. What happens if he wins again? Nothing. All it does is solidify what we already know; that he's an amazingly gifted actor with more talent than the majority of actors in television.

But let's look at Matthew McConaughey for a second. His role as Rust Cohle in True Detective is something we haven't ever seen before (especially coming from the man who's known for doing romantic comedies). Cohle's character is a damaged soul. His disturbing psychological state leads us to believe he could be the demented killer everyone is looking for.

McConaughey's performance is absolutely incredible. It's a performance everyone will remember for years to come.

His True Detective partner, Woody Harrelson, happens to also be McConaughey's competition at the Emmy Awards. They're both nominated in the best actor category. 

But it will be this year's Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey, who should stand alone holding yet another piece of cinematic history. First the Oscar, now the Emmy, all in one year.

2014 is the year for True Detective. It's time for audiences to move on from Breaking Bad and honor a new champion of television.

The television academy has one shot to get this right. With a brand new cast in season two of True Detective, the ATAS can't go back and honor McConaughey again. I have faith they will do the right thing.

True Detective is going to outsmart Breaking Bad.


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