Drug deaths lead NYC to cancel final day of dance-music festival

NEW YORK - At least one show did not go on Sunday in New York City.

The city canceled the third day of a popular electronic dance music festival due to apparent deadly overdoses of a drug users call "Molly."

Citing "serious health risks," the city canceled Sunday's final performances of the Electric Zoo Festival after two people died. Four others went to the hospital.

Investigators believe the concert-goers took a form of MDMA, also known as "ecstasy" or "Molly."

This incident follows three suspected MDMA overdoses at clubs in Boston this week --  including the death of a college student.

"This has entered the mainstream; into pop culture, music, anywhere from rap songs to pop culture songs, and it's much more mainstream," said Lt. Robert Merner, a detective with the Boston Police Department. "We're dealing with it now more in the past year or so than we have in the past."

Authorities say "Molly" can contain dangerous chemicals causing extreme dehydration, blood-pressure spikes and even death.

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