Plaza Art Fair welcomes four-legged art fans

Plaza Art Fair welcomes four-legged fans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For 82 years strong the Plaza Art Fair has been known for its live music, food, and fine art. The 240 vendors display their best work to art lovers from all over the region.

But if you walk around long enough, you can't help but notice a lot of four legged guests who seem to enjoy the fair as much as their two legged counterparts.

"Everyone has stopped and wanted to pet Duley," pet owner and Plaza Art Fair attendee Liz Giffin explained. "Everyone has been so loving and kind to him, and he is having the best time ever."

Shelia Blosser and her Chihuahua Julio  stopped for a break and did some people and pet watching..

"It's really one of the last events in Kansas City that's very pet friendly, and so pet owners like to come out and let their dogs experience it as well" Blosser said. "It's great see people come out with their pets and walk around."

A walk that's almost as unique and fascinating as the Art Fair itself.

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