Google buys into billion dollar deal

Google is set to buy website for $1-billion. The negotiations have been ongoing since May but venture beat reports a deal was reached last night.

So what's and why is it worth $1-billion? is a streaming video website that allows gamers to broadcast themselves. So if you were playing a game and wanted to show off your skills to an audience you can sign up for the website. The site also streams some of the largest video game tournaments like the international which has a prize purse 4 times larger than the Kentucky Derby.

Twitch has more than 50 million active users and about a fifth of those users broadcast their games. It is so popular that both Microsoft and Sony built twitch streaming into their new consoles.

Keep in mind though that popularity comes with a downside, just like Facebook and YouTube be aware if your children are using Twitch and who they are connecting with.

It is very popular to use a web cam to broadcast your reactions while you play a game so talk to your children about what they are watching and broadcasting.

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