It's #FollowFriday on the Now KC

Kansas City, mo. - Our first #FollowFriday goes to Shelly Norman. When news came down the wire about the Malaysian tragedy, @Shelleydeedee tweeted:

And she is right, there are so many people bothered by this horrific incident. But what makes Shelly's account one to follow? Her positivity. If you look on her timeline she commonly uses words like "awesome" and "beautiful". Many of her posts even have exclamation points! She can be found on @shelleydeedee

Next up? Comedian Eddie Griffin. He's funny, he loves his fans and he's Kansas City born and raised. He even attended Kansas State for a few months. The 46-year-old actor just celebrated his birthday and from what he post on his timeline - it's easy to see he has a soft spot. He said this to fellow comedian Tracy Morgan:


Follow Griffin @EddieGriffinCom.

Our final #FollowFriday, drum roll please? Goes to the Fringe Festival of KC. Why not? They are promoting local. The 10 day fest brings out the best in arts and entertainment:


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