Jackie Robinson biopic '42' premiere brings Hollywood to KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The red carpet is rolling out in Kansas City as the new Jackie Robinson movie "42" will have a second premiere Thursday night at a Northland theater.

The film's producers and stars -- including screen legend Harrison Ford -- were in Kansas City for the event.

VIDEO | Harrison Ford, cast of '42' at Kansas City premiere http://bit.ly/ZMU94o

Robinson, the first African-American to break into Major League Baseball, played for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues. Bob Kendrick, president of Kansas City's Negro Leagues Museum, said the city will be honored by the movie.

"I was really proud, I was proud to see this film done," Kendrick said. "It was kind of emotional."

Kendrick said local fans will see a familiar figure in the story, the late Buck O'Neil.

"There's a scene where they paint the picture of Jackie being in a little town in Oklahoma, and the late great Buck O'Neil used to tell the story of them coming into Muskogee," Kendrick added. "They used that in the film, and it made me a little misty, it made me wish that old Buck was there to see this moment."

Kendrick said Buck would have been thrilled to see Jackie's story translated onto the big screen, and how important this movie is for Kansas City and younger generations.

"It will introduce a new generation to the courage of Jackie Robinson," Kendrick said. "That really was the beginning of the modern day civil rights in this country, and it changed our country in ways in which I'm not even sure we can imagine or dream possible."

The "42" movie premiere Thursday night with Harrison Ford is sold out, but viewers can catch the movie when it opens in theaters nationwide Friday.

Singer Charley Pride was honored Wednesday night at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. The country music star got his start in the Negro Leagues.

Pride signed with the Yankees but broke his arm, ending his baseball career. However, he went on to sell millions of country music records.

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