Kansas City trumpet player hopes losing his van to thieves won't silence his music

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The sounds of his trumpet are confined to his house for now.  But as soon as he gets back on the road with a car, George Robinson will reappear at jam sessions around Kansas City and will schedule new gigs for his band, G-Force.  That's what he told 41 Action News after his van was stolen from his house over the weekend.

Robinson said the thieves struck around 4:00 a.m. Saturday.  He said he heard a noise but did not go outside to check it out, thinking it was a thunderstorm. 

When he went out two hours later, he discovered his car missing.  Robinson said he contacted police and filled out a report but believes getting his car back is a long shot.

"Some things you don't have power over," he said, "And to get all worked up about it is not worth it." 

Robinson said he tries to focus on the things he has instead of the things he has lost.  The KC musician, known for his trademark baseball cap with the letter G, overcame homelessness and substance abuse to establish a successful music career.

If his van is not returned to him, Robinson said he will start saving for a new one.  He said he doesn't like to accept rides. 

"I hate to ask people to do things unless it's an emergency," he said.

The stolen van is a midnight blue 1991 Chevy Lumina with a personalized Missouri license plate that reads "G Force."

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