How to create crayon art

The kids are getting into full winter break mode. Leanne Lee, owner of Rekindled Spaces comes to the rescue with an easy, fun, DIY project you can do with your kids to help break up winter break boredom. Watch the video in the player above for a demonstration on how to make crayon art.‎

Crayon Art
Supplies you will need
Box of at least 96 crayons
Heat Gun or Hair Dryer*
Blank Canvas ( I used 16 x 20)
Glue Gun and extra glue sticks
1)  Empty box of crayons and sort by color
2) Using glue gun, glue crayons in desired shape
3) Using heat gun, heat crayons until they start melting and dripping down the canvas
*I used a heat gun because I already owned one. You can use a hair dryer but be patient. It will take twice the time to melt the crayons because the heat is not as direct and powerful.

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