Turn your child's artwork into treasured keepsakes

If you have a child or grandchild, you probably have plenty of pictures, drawings and paintings the little one has completed. But what do you do with that pile of artwork? Leanne Lee from Rekindled Spaces showed off a variety of ways you can turn that simple painting into something more. See her instructions below for everything from a placemat to a candle to a coffee table book. 

Leanne Lee is currently one of the Top 10 finalists for the Leading Moms in Business  contest on startupnation.com She wants to thanks Kansas City for helping vote her into the top 10. Now it's up to a panel of judges to select the top three winners. 



Photocopy original artwork. Laminate artwork by using a laminator or taking to an office supply store and having them laminate it.

Cabinet Door with Clip

Old Cabinet door
Wood filler or Bondo
Strong Clip

Pick up old cabinet door at ReStore or take off an old cabinet. Fill Holes where original hardware was. I used Bondo. Clean and sand cabinet door. Spray paint in desired color. Let dry. Attach Clip with E6000


Embossing gun (found in scrapbooking section)
Wax paper
Flameless candle

Photocopy original artwork. Cut artwork down to fit candle. Place artwork on candle. Cover with large piece of wax paper. Heat wax paper up with embossing gun until wax fuses on to artwork and seals it to candle.


Leftover Tile
Decoupage medium
Disposable brush
Cork or rubber stoppers

Photocopy original artwork. Cut artwork to fit top of coaster. Spread a layer of decoupage medium on top of coaster. Lay artwork on top. Reseal with decoupage medium. Let dry. Reseal once again. Let dry. Apply cork or rubber stoppers with E6000 to bottom of coasters.

Art Quilt

Gallon-size plastic freezer baggies (Not zipper…just press and seal)
Duct tape in desired print or color

Lay out the number of baggies you want in your quilt, writing side down. You will want an even number. Start taping the seams together with duct tape making sure not to tape the bag shut. Place artwork in baggies. Voila!

Coffee Table Book

Take pictures of the original artwork and save to a file. Upload to a website that will print a book. I made mine using Shutterfly. They have many user-friendly templates for you to follow.


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