3 Girls Cupcakes takes their sweets to the streets

3 Girls Cupcakes is a bakery on the move, but they're getting ready to close their doors in Kansas City. Owner Simonie Wilson loved saying thank you with a cupcake, but in June she put 3 Girls Cupcakes up for sale.

As a final thank you to Kansas City, the 3 Girls Cupcake van will cruise around Kansas City on Friday, June 28 to hand out free mini-cupcakes. Below is a list of times and locations for the cruise.

9:30am – 5800 Foxridge Dr. (Mission Bank)
10am – 51st & Oak (UMKC)
10:30am – Main & 49th (Plaza library)
11pm – 39th & Stateline (KUMed)
11:30pm - Pershing & Grand (Assurant)
12pm – 21st & Holmes (Hospital Hill)
12:30pm - 10 and Main (Commerce)
1pm - DST (9th or 10th & Broadway)
1:30pm - 8th & Washington
2pm - 13th & Locust
2:30pm – 16th & Genesee (West Bottoms)
3pm - 18th & Swift, NKC
3:30pm - Paris II
4pm – Riverside RedX
4:40pm - Liberty Beauty Brands
5pm - Liberty Square (Leonard between Mill & Kansas)

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