Best Regards Bakerys & Cafe' dishes up Genovese Grilled Cheese

It's a staple that can be made a hundred different ways, the classic grilled cheese! Robert Duensing, Co-Owner of Best Regards Bakery & Cafe' shares the secret to making the perfect grilled cheese every time, and how to dish up their famous Genovese Grilled Cheese.

The Genovese Grilled Cheese
French country bread (French sourdough)
Basil pesto
Caramelized portobello mushroom slices
1 slice of Havarti cheese
1 slice of Provolne cheese
Lightly brush with butter, for color

Grill it low and slow. The biggest mistake we all make at home is cooking it too hot, too fast. A great grilled cheese is cooked much like pancake. It is usually better to use an electric griddle.

**Note: The Genovese Grilled Cheese is all about balance, no one ingredient overwhelms the others. Consider this an Ensemble Grilled Cheese.

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