Champion BBQ pitmaster, Rob Magee opens Q39

Kansas City's 39th street neighborhood just got a new BBQ joint! Champion BBQ pitmaster, Rob Magee, has opened the doors on Q39 and we've got the details on what makes this BBQ joint a first of its kind in KC.

Pork Belly
Season fresh pork belly with Q 39 pork rub and place in smoker @ 225 degrees and cook until internal meat temperature is 180 degrees/tender. Cool down in refrigerator
Cut pork belly across the grain into 4/ 5 oz portions
Place pork belly on grill and heat to 180 degrees or greater
Coat with Q 39 classic bbq sauce

Bean cassoulet
2 c dry Navy beans
5 oz     Medium diced yellow onion
.2 oz    chopped garlic
5 oz     diced smoked sausage (cut in half than, in 4 and slice ¼ inch thick)
1 tsp    salt
1 cup  smoked pork stock
¼ tsp  fresh cracked black pepper
14 oz Diced tomatoes
¾ tsp  fresh thyme leaves
Soak beans overnight then simmer in a pot of water for 1hr 30 minutes: until tender.
Sauté onion with butter 4 minutes until clear
Add garlic 1 minute
Add flour to make a roux
Add everything but thyme and tomatoes
Bring to a boil, adjust seasoning if needed
Check consistency (may need to be thickened)
Add tomatoes and thyme


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