Farmhouse dishes up French Toast with Fig and Maple Syrup

Located in the heart of the River Market, Farmhouse is known for their locally sourced food and rustic atmosphere. Owner and Chef, Michael Foust demonstrates how to make a breakfast must, French Toast with Fig and Maple Syrup!

Pig & Farm Dinner
Date: May 18th
Location:  Fire Lake Camp
Time: Call to make reservations
Cost: $50.00

French Toast with Fig and Maple Syrup
Syrup: 3 figs cut in ½.
  1 cup maple syrup
  ¼ cup of Port wine.
How to:
Put figs and Port wine on med. Heat to reduce by ½ . Add maple syrup.  Heat to warm and serve.
French Toast:
French bread sliced ½"
  3 eggs whipped
  3 Tbsp cream
  1tsp vanilla
  Salt to taste
How to:
1) Mix eggs, cream, vanilla and salt together.
2)Dredge the sliced bread in egg mix.
3)Cook en medium heat on griddle or griddle pan

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