Make a delicious burger inside on the stovetop

BRGR in Prairie Village is known for their delicious burgers. Executive Chef Bradley Gilmore shared a few of the secrets behind their most popular burger.

BRGR Burger

8oz. fresh, ground beef patty
1 T grilled/caramelized onions (1/4 inch dice)
1 onion bun
5 dill pickle slices
1 ½ T BRGR mustard
1 slice Swiss-American cheese
2 tsp BRGR seasoning

1. Dice and fry onions in butter until light brown and translucent.
2. Mix caramelized onions with fresh ground beef patty and form, place patty on grill/frying pan and season with 1 tsp of BRGR seasoning.
3. Place onion bun, with light butter, face down on grill or frying pan.
4. Fry burger patty half way to desired temperature, flip and add remainder seasoning, then place and cheese on top of burger one minute prior to removal from pan/grill.
5. Remove bun from grill, place mustard and pickles on top bun.
6. Remove BRGR from pan/grill and place on bottom bun.
7. Top BRGR and serve.

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