Creative ways to update old or outdated picture frames

Don't throw out that old picture frame! Leanne Lee from Rekindled Spaces has some crafty ways to update the look of outdated frames. From paint to decorations, there are all sorts of way you can keep frames from going out of style.  "Never get rid of a picture frame," said Leanne.

Changing the color of a picture frame
The easiest way to change the color of a picture frame is to spray paint it. Spray paint comes in a variety of colors so use one or several to create the look you are going for.

Step 1)  Remove the back of frame and the glass and set aside
Step 2)  Spray frame in desired color. Let dry. Add more coats if necessary.
Step 3)  Replace glass and frame
For the look of the frame I demonstrated on the show…Spray gold frame with Oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. While paint is still wet, light rub the high spots of the frame with a rag. Let dry.

Embellished Picture Frame

Step 1)  Remove back and glass of frame and set aside
Step 2)  Thoroughly clean frame so glue will stick
Step 3)  Using e6000, attach pearls or any other beading to frame.  Let dry.  I found the roll of pearls in the wedding sections of the craft store
Step 4)  Spray paint entire frame in desired color. Let dry
Step 5)  Replace glass and back of frame

Picture Frame Recipe Holder

Step 1)  Remove the back of frame and set aside
Step 2)  Choose a piece of scrapbook paper in desired pattern and cut to size. This will go in place of a picture
Step 3)  Cut a piece of sheet metal to size of frame opening. I found my sheet metal at the local hardware store. You will need to use tin snips to cut this. Please be careful…it will be sharp
Step 4)  Place sheet metal behind scrapbook paper
Step 5)  Replace back of frame
Step 6) Using a magnet, attach recipe to front of frame. You could also use a picture or anything else you wanted to switch out regularly.

Decoupaged Frame
Supplies:  Mod Podge, scrapbook or wrapping paper in desired pattern, cheap paintbrush or foam brush, any embellishment, old frame

For my demonstration, I chose a piece of scrapbook paper with a repeating theme. I cut each one of the objects out of the scrapbook paper to glue to the frame. My frame was already blue so I didn't have to spray paint it but you could easily do that to fit your theme.

Step 1)  Lay out pattern on frame. This is not really necessary if covering the entire frame.
Step 2)  Apply Mod Podge to frame with paintbrush
Step 3)  Apply wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to wet Mod Podge.  Let dry
Step 4)  Brush Mod Podge over the top of paper again. Let dry

Picture Frame Wall Art

These 5 frames were either missing glass or chipped. I bought them at a garage sale for 25 cents a piece.
I removed the backs and glass from each frame, spray-painted each of them of bright color. Let dry
Attached them with e6000. Voila…beautiful wall art for $1.25 plus cost of spray paint

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