Easy DIY projects to dress up any college dorm room

It can be hard to give your college dorm room an "at home" feel, but with a few simple DIY projects you could add some real style to your home away from home. Leanne Lee from Rekindled Spaces showed off a variety of projects anyone could tackle. 


Tshirt Canvas

Blank White Artist Canvas
Staple Gun
Tshirt of choice

1) For this demo…I used a blank 20" x 24" art canvas and an XL Tshirt

2) Place canvas inside tshirt and position as desired

3) Staple Tshirt to the back of the canvas

You can cut the shirt to fit perfectly if you want, but I didn't want to ruin the shirt so I left it in tack

Stained and Stamped/stencilled storage crate

Unfinished wooden crate
Black acrylic paint
Stencil or stamp of choice
Stain in color of choice (I used minwax provincial)
Spray polyurethane

1) Stamp or stencil on wooden crate with black acrylic paint. Let dry.

2) Using a staining pad or paint brush and cloth, stain crate with stain. Let dry

3) Seal crate with polyurethane

Key holder

Picture Frame
Spray Paint
Cup Hooks

1) Remove back and glass of frame

2) Spray paint in color of choice. Let dry

3) Screw cup hooks in top of frame

Corkboard/Memo Board

Fabric to fit around corkboard
Staple gun
Upholstery tack, if desired
Monogram letter, if desired
Spray adhesive

1) Cut fabric to wrap around to the back side of corkboard

2) Spray front of corkboard with spray adhesive. Wait 5 minutes

3) Lay corkboard face down on the back side of the fabric

4) Start folding the fabric over the edge and staple. Repeat until all of the fabric is stapled to the corkboard

5) Decorate with upholstery tacks if desired

6) Glue on Monogram if desired

Photo Holder/Jewelry Holder

Large picture frame
Chicken Wire
Staple Gun
Spray Paint
Wire Cutters
Clothes pins

1) Spray picture frame in desired color. Let dry

2) Cut chicken wire with wire cutters to fit the back of frame

3) Staple chicken wire to back of frame

Plastic Storage Crate with Cushion

Plastic storage crate
Fabric cut to size
Staple Gun

1) Cut plywood to fit the bottom of the storage crate

2) Staple batting to one side of cut plywood

3) Lay fabric pattern side down

4) Lay plywood batting side down on wrong side of fabric

5) Pull fabric over plywood and staple

6) Attach plywood to bottom of crate to create a stool/ottoman or make 4 crates for a cute coffee table

Charging Station

Photo Storage Box
Curtain Grommets
Power Strip
Exacto Knife

1) Using a pencil, trace around the grommets on the box to create holes for cords to fit through

2) Use exacto knife to cut holes in the storage box

3) Snap grommets over holes

4) Place power strip in box threading cord through end

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