How to make personalized candles

Two of our favorite things combined into one, a personalized gift and candles! Our DIY guru, Leanne Lee, Owner of Rekindled Spaces shows us how to make personalized candles, a perfect gift for the holidays.

Holiday: Impossible
Date: Wednesday, December 11
Location:  Food Network
Time: 9:00pm cst

Instructions for Personalized Candles
Supplies you will need
Pillar Candle (I prefer the flameless but either will work)
Heat Gun
Wax Paper (Yes, the kind used in the kitchen)
Photocopies of family photos, initials, artwork, etc… (This can be in color or black/white)
1)  Cut out photo, initial, etc to fit your candle
2) Plug in heat gun so it is warm
3) Lay photo, right side up, on candle
4) Tear a piece of wax paper off the roll and lay it on top of the photo. Make sure the wax paper is bigger than your image on all 4 sides.
5) Hold heat gun over wax paper and allow warm air of heat gun to melt wax over your image. Let cool
Warning:  You will be addicted to this project so buy extra candles!


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