How to make personalized coasters

Coasters are one of those home goods that you always need but never think to purchase. Our go to DIY gal, Leanne Lee demonstrates how you can make your own personalized coasters.

Viewer instructions for Personalized Coasters
Supplies you will need
4" x 4" travertine tiles* (I usually give sets of 4 coasters)
"Staz-onz" permanent ink pad (found at craft stores with rubber stamps)
Rubber stamp or stamp set of choice**
Photocopies of black/white family photos (optional)
Mod Podge (if using family photos)
Rubber Cabinet Stoppers
Jute or twine
1)  Make sure tiles are free of dust
2) Dip stamp in ink pad and press on to coaster, making sure not to slide the stamp
3) Let dry
4) Add stoppers to the bottom with e6000
5) Tie the 4 coasters together with jute
Option 2:
Take family photocopies and cut-to-size, paint a layer of Mod Podge on coaster, apply photo and then paint another layer of Mod Podge. Let dry
*This project is done on travertine tiles because they are porous. Regular ceramic tile coasters do not work well for coasters because they don't absorb the "sweat" from the glass or cup.

**I usually choose a stamp set so that I can make each coaster a little different but so they coordinate.


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