How to make Dragonflies out of repurposed items

Right now is the time to spruce up your outdoor areas for summer enjoyment. Kansas City's own Diva of DIY, Leanne Lee demonstrates how you can take old items and repurpose them into beautiful Dragonflies for your garden or yard.

How to make a Re-purposed Dragonfly
Supply List:
• 4 matching ceiling fan blades
• 1 wooden stair rail spindle
• Drill and drill bid
• Wood screws
• All purpose wire
• Spray Paint
• Acrylic paint for gift idea
• Tacky glue

Step by Step instructions:
1) Remove Ceiling fan brackets from blades
2) Spray paint wooden spindle and fan blades. Let dry
3) Screw fan blades to wooden spindle
4) Drill a small hole in the top of wooden spindle to hold antennas
5) Stick wire in holes for antennas

Optional Gift idea: Mother’s Day
Before attaching blades, pour some acrylic paint on a paper plate. Dip child’s hand into paint and onto fan blade. Repeat with same hand or different child’s hand. Let dry. Attach blades to wooden spindle.

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