Local man duped into buying scalped tickets, warns others

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - André du Broc got to experience the drama of the stage production of War Horse at the Kansas City Music Hall, but not before his own front row seat to the drama buying the tickets online-- which started with a simple search. He typed in his search menu, "war horse Kansas City tickets."

"Right here at the top it says 'War Horse Kansas City official war horse tickets,'" du Broc said. "Look it's Kansas-City-Theater.com. It all looks very legit. You pick your tickets, you put in your credit card information and you wait for an email to come back. "

That email though, came with a warning: "Be careful. This sender failed our fraud detection checks."

So he called the 211 number in the email which confused him because he thought he was dealing with a company out of Kansas City. Instead, he was dealing with Ticket Gallery out of New York City.

The operator told him they are an independent company not affiliated with any venue, artist or promoter, which is in the fine print at the bottom of the page.

"We buy and sell tickets for ourselves and our customers at market value," du Broc said the operator told him. "More often at prices that are above face value."

His tickets ended up being $30 above face value and had someone else's name printed on them.

"Someone else's name is printed on my tickets. I'm Amit Rout," du Broc joked.

That name was printed on all three of the tickets he bought.

"Amit must really like War Horse," he said.

His only option now is to dispute the charge through his credit card company.

"I'm disputing how they got my business. Theater is educational and I got an education," he said.

The Missouri Attorney General's Office said you need to stick with authorized sellers like Ticketmaster or StubHub or just go down to the box office. The Kansas City Theater League also suggests using Broadway Across America.

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