The 7 most emotional movie moments ever

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Through the years, there have been many films that have touched our hearts and made us cry.

There are the 90 minute tearjerkers, along with those spur of the moment weeps.

Movies seem to have that magical power to make even the most manly men bawl like babies. The whole, "Real men don't cry" theory is old news.

If you're in the mood to sob or just want to torment someone with these emotional images, check out my list of the 7 saddest movie moments ever.

1. Bambi (1942)

The single most saddest moment in movie history has to be Bambi's mother getting killed. Sorry to all you hunters out there -- but it's true. An innocent deer runs for his life, while his mother tries all she can to protect him. Bambi will now grow up without a mother and be scarred for life. What's more sad than that?

2. Marley and Me (2008)

Everyone knows how loving, caring and compassionate a dog can be. Marley and Me captures the real-life emotion of what families go through when a dog's time is up. I don't consider this movie visually stunning or even critically acclaimed. But I'll admit, I bawled like a baby -- You will too.

3. Forrest Gump (1994)

Speaking of critical acclaim -- Forrest Gump. One of the saddest scenes in recent memory is when Forrest says goodbye to the love of his life, Jenny. He's always been complete with Jenny, and now, he will have to live the rest of his life without her. This movie is emotional for just about everyone.

4. The Notebook (2004)

How can you make a list of sad movie scenes and not include The Notebook? The ending where two star-crossed lovers die together while holding hands. It's a feeling of comfort, knowing they will spend the rest of the eternal life as one. The Notebook truly captures the everlasting power of love. Try hard not to cry -- I dare you.

5. Up (2009)

Who knew Pixar could make us all weep -- better yet -- Who knew Pixar could make us all weep in just the first few minutes? Up explains a whole life story in just four and a half minutes. It's cute, funny and yet so sad when Carl loses his wife. No wonder he's mad all the time -- I would be too.

6. Hard Ball (2001)

Hard Ball is not a great movie -- Keanu Reeves is the star... enough said. But it has a few moments full of heart. When G Baby dies and his baseball coach speaks at his funeral, it's extremely touching. The coach describes the happiest moment in G Baby's life --  scoring the game-winning run. Did I cry while watching this? Of course I did!

7. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011)

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a film full of pure emotion. It sneaked in an Oscar nomination for Best Picture because it's all about heart. When I watched this in theaters, the entire audience had tears in their eyes. I promise it wasn't just me. A boy loses his father in the World Trade Center on 9/11. The boy continuously plays back the phone messages his dad left him right before he died -- It's sad. Plus, when he starts building his relationship with his mother -- it's pretty captivating.

BONUS: Undefeated (2011)

I'm a huge sports fan, so it's the football movies that tend to get me. This 2011 Oscar-winning documentary is a champions dream -- full of power and raw-emotion. It's a true story about the Manassas high school football team,  who must overcome all odds to prove they are a worthy opponent in the state of Memphis. Led by their coach, they grow as individuals and become men on the field. In one of the last scenes, head coach Bill Courtney grips onto his lineman O.C. Brown after the game. He explains how proud he is of him and wishes him the best in life. At this point, these two men form a bond that can never be broken. That's real-men emotion right there -- So deep and meaningful -- It's worth crying about.

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