PSY's 'Gangnam Style' top YouTube clip, beats Bieber

NEW YORK (CNN) - It is official, the rap star who wowed the world with "Gangnam Style" is now the new King of YouTube!

The South Korean rapper known as Psy has broken the record previously held by teen pop sensation Justin Bieber for the most-watched "YouTube" video ever. It's quite a feat since Bieber was discovered on the site.

On Saturday, "YouTube" reported Psy's music video had more than 806 million views. Bieber's "Baby" has just under 804 million.

Psy's four minute "Gangnam Style" clip quickly went viral and has been imitated online countless times. Last month, the 34-year old was awarded the Guinness World Record for the "most liked" "YouTube" video ever.

The galloping artist dressed in a tux and sunglasses has said "Gangnam Style" refers to an upscale neighborhood in Seoul.


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