#Steelhawk #stuck turn up funny tweets

Kansas City, mo. - #Stuck leads to hilarious posts about Steelhawk's ride stopping

After Steelhawk's steel halted - social media had some things to say.

The hashtag #Worldoffun generates a lot of positive buzz on social media. Search for #Steelhawk. The story is different.

Josh Olvera tweeted a picture from the ride suspended in the air.

He followed it up with another to 41 Action News very own Sarah Hollenback.

Erik Winkler tweeted he feels sorry for the person at World's of Fun - going even further with the phrase #epic fail.

But there is a bit of irony in all of this. A day before the ride got stuck, Sora Wheeler posted this on Facebook :

"Steelhawk pics! And I didn't get stuck!" Wheeler did you jinx the ride?

Still, who doesn't love a happy ending ?

Blake Shepard braved the ride Friday afternoon.

He tweeted this pic:



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