‘Today' anchor Natalie Morales balances work and motherhood

Natalie Morales has delivered the news on the ‘Today’ Show since 2006, and after the show each day she tries to spend as much time as she can with her husband and their two young boys.

“I have a lot of mom guilt like every parent out there,” Morales said, “Every day is a juggling act and you kind of, some days the balls all stay up in the air.  Other days, you're a complete failure.”

Natalie recently ran in her sixth marathon, this time in Boston. Running is part of her life.

“That's my therapy.  Don't you know the secret?  You got to get out there and take an hour for yourself.  Really, it is, it's about making time,” says Morales, who acknowledges she’s not able to make time every day, “On slower days where there's not a big breaking story where I'm flying off to... those are the times I get to go out and go for a little more of a leisurely run.  You know, there are days you kind of skip the workout routine all together.”

Skipping workouts and mom guilt actually make Natalie feel like she can relate better to other parents.

“I would hope so.  I mean, I'm one of you.  I know what it's like every day to get up really early or not get a good night's sleep because the kids have kept you up but then you have to put a happy face on and go do your job,” Morales said.

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